THE GOLDEN RULE — dark, solid colors slim — bold colors or pattern stand out.


You can create any look that portrays you.  Anything that’s OK with Mom and Dad is OK with me. 

Time is not an issue.  Do not worry about being a “quick change artist”, so plan accordingly. Bring a variety of outfits in a variety of colors. Bring something dressy,(even an off the shoulder  formal type dress) something casual Jeans, slacks, tees and blouses and something off the wall. Remember that sleeveless and spaghetti strap tops may tend to make your arms look bigger than they are. Dark colors slim — bold colors stand out. Wear what you are most comfortable in. If you’re in doubt bring it and we’ll decide what works best for you and your skin tones. Pick colors that complement your skin tones. Bring some black clothing if you have it — they make for great black and white photos.

 Wear the outfits you love and we’ll create great portraits of you in them. Just keep in mind that larger patterns can become larger than life in your portraits and we don’t want them to detract from you.

Use jackets, scarves and hats to enhance your outfits. Select outfits that are flattering to your figure. Pick foundation garments that match your skin tone. Remember that thin fabrics show everything.  Make sure that nothing is showing that shouldn’t be showing. We want you to look your best! Sports outfits, swim suits, prom dresses, short, jeans — if you like being in them, bring them along! Bring shoes that go with each outfit. For some outfits, bare feet look best. We’ll let you know if that is the case. Don’t forget your earrings and jewelry for each outfit. Stay away from herringbone necklaces as they reflect the light.

Keep your clothing visually simple.

Don’t bring outfits with words or designs, stripes or pictures, except possibly your school logo. You want your face, eyes and expression to command attention, not the words on your shirt. Light and airy or flowing can work as a nice counter-point to the jeans and tee or blouse look.

Give consideration to color.

As I have said, solid colors are recommended for most or all outfits.  Colors that go well with the season if we are out doors.  Darker shades tend to make people look slimmer. Try not to wear flesh-tone or neutral colors such as beige, tan, pale peach or pink, or gray, as these can dominate the picture and make you look washed out.

Use clothing to accentuate your best features.

Girls should consider their facial features, neck, bust lines, waist lines and legs in choosing their clothing.  Accentuate the positives and hide the negatives.  If you got it flaunt it!!  But classy not sleazy is our goal.   Some girls may want to forego short sleeves or spaghetti straps if their arms are heavy, since these styles will only accentuate that feature. 


Bring along a pair of dress shoes that complement the rest of your outfit. Depending on the shoot, anything from bear feet to boots will work. 


Wear simple jewelry. Pearls are great for that classic look. Large jewelry detracts from your portrait. Large earrings won’t look proportional to your facial features in classic portraits. Gold or silver is your choice. Certain skin tones look better with one over the other. Flat jewelry (like herringbone necklaces) reflect light and can ruin a great portrait. If you’re not wearing pearls, chain type necklaces of a smaller size work best.


Apply your makeup  a little more than as you normally look on a day-to-day basis, Some pancake and powder can do wonders. Bring your makeup with you   Sometimes you may need a touch more blush or eyes shadow.

Avoid glitter or sparkly anything (powder, eye shadow, blush) – it tends to reflect the flash and leaves white spots